French Baking

Homemade & Delicious...

The Place To Be is a place to savour the best of classic French baking such as the famous pain au chocolat or the tradionnal baguette. All items of our bakery are homemade and baked through the day. Here is a preview of what you can expect at The Place To Be.


Breads & Pastries

As bakers we wish to transmit our passion by creating healthy breads with unique tastes. Find a wide range of breads in our shop. You will also discover our emblematic pastries. Cakes, cookies and croissants await you along your coffee breaks.


Salads & Sandwiches

The Place To Be also provides you with sandwiches made in French baguette or croissant, salads, eggs dishes and homemade specialties. All the products we use are fresh with seasonal ingredients.



We have decided to create a grocery corner which give you the opportunity to try some typical French products. Help yourself with a selection of soft drinks, candies and biscuits.

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